Product description

To record the scores of a bridge club, at least one BridgePhone client must be present on each table. The BridgePhone client is an Android phone or tablet. In principle, a club would not have to invest in hardware. There are enough members who have a smartphone or tablet. Several BridgePhone clients can be used at a table, all four players can use their own telephone to follow the game. However, only one for entering the scores will be used. Once a score has been entered, it is sent to the BridgePhone server. A BridgePhone server is a PC or laptop on which the PCBridgePhone program is installed.

All scores are shared by all BridgePhones. Every entered score in a client is forwarded to the BridgePhone server and is sent back to all other clients. These scores are of course only visible on a client when the games have been played at the relevant table.

Communication takes place via:


You do not even have to insert a SIM card in your phone (you can not be disturbed during bridging). BridgePhone works within a radius of about 150 meters


Works worldwide


In addition to entering, the BridgePhone app offers the following functions:

  • previously made scores, you are permanently aware of your position in the tournament
  • movements, which indicate for each couple to which table they have to play and which games they have to play
  • final results of the match on every BridgePhone after or even during the bridge, based on the scores entered until then
  • a function for the card division for all hands. Do you know that? Replay and then incorrectly put the cards back into the board. If you enter the map distribution in Bridgephone, the most affected problems are avoided.
  • restart. A phone that fails during the match can easily be replaced by another. The replacement phone will synchronize itself with the server for a seamless recovery of the situation before the failed device ceased.

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