Installation of the app 

  1. Installation of the BridgePhone on the Android

Go to the Android market, download and install. 

Don't worry about a license: In the near future the license is free . At a later stage, a small fee may be charged or income may be generated from advertisement.

  1. Installation of the PCBridgePhoneProgram 
    Just click the button on the left and follow the instructions 
  2. Configuration of the 
    Attach the PC and Android clients to the WLAN. Normally the BridgePhone client will find the server on its own. It is known that on some WLAN routers the IP number is not found. In this case,  find out the IP address of the PC yourself. E.g. On your PC: Start --> Run--> Type cmd --> in the cmd.exe window :type Ipconfig <cr> All connections will be displayed. The IP number will be something like : The last number (20) will vary. 
    When you start up the Android BridgePhone client and press the Manual connection button to make the connection, click on Preference and enter the IP number as the WLAN server URL. Obviously you must do this before making contact with the server. Once the configuration is done, it stays that way. 

    If the PC firewall is on, make sure port 9992 can be used by PCBridgePhone