BridgePhone is a wireless scoring system that fully exploits the possibilities of modern smartphone technology.

Instead of using pencil and paper or special expensive hardware to record your scores during a bridge evening or bridge tournament, you can use your own mobile phone to send the scores via Wi-Fi or via the internet to a bridge scoring program of your choice.

In personal mode, every couple needs one cell phone (or tablet). In table mode you may use only one Android that stays on the table, so you end up with one device per 4 players

BridgePhone is the most user-friendly system.

Make use of your smartphone, e-reader, navigator, tablet or any other Android you already own. (If that is not the case, it is highly unlikely that you will not have an Android in a short time). In this way, the club can spend the contribution money to a dealing machine or other nice things for the members.

The software is automatically updated. You never have to buy a new version again because you always have the latest version available. BridgePhone does not wear out.


For the time being, BridgePhone is free.