BridgePhone is an app to record bridge scores on a smartphone or tablet.

Pen, paper and / or expensive hardware devices dating from the last century to record your scores during a bridge evening or bridge competition are no longer necessary. You can follow the entire session via your app, even the movements.

In personal mode, a bridge pair needs one smartphone. You keep your smartphone with you the whole match and review your position after each round.

In the table mode you need one smartphone per table. The device stays here the entire game and is filled in by the changing pairs.

BridgePhone is the most user-friendly system: no more ticks on a small gray display or fiddling on a piece of paper, but a clear overview on your own familiar colored smartphone or on an Android device of your club.

The software is updated automatically on a regular basis. You never have to buy a new version again because you always have the latest version at your disposal. Your phone may break, but BridgePhone can not wear out and simply moves to your new device.

BridgePhone has its own scoring system, but also connects to existing scoring systems.

For the time being, BridgePhone can be downloaded for free. Your club could reduce the contribution or create a reserve for the purchase of a card dealing machine or other things that make it even more enjoyable for members to bridge.